Displaying proteins 51 - 75 of 517 in total
Glia Protein / Neurological Diseases
Uniprot Protein name Gene name Species Secretome analysis
Signal peptide(a) SecretomeP(b)
P08123 Collagen alpha-2(I) chain COL1A2 Homo sapiens Y 0.323
P08253 72 kDa type IV collagenase MMP2 Homo sapiens N 0.542
P08254 Stromelysin-1 MMP3 Homo sapiens Y 0.469
P08572 Collagen alpha-2(IV) chain COL4A2 Homo sapiens Y 0.076
P08708 40S ribosomal protein S17 RPS17 Homo sapiens N 0.656
P08709 Coagulation factor VII F7 Homo sapiens N 0.586
P09238 Stromelysin-2 MMP10 Homo sapiens Y 0.515
P09341 Growth-regulated alpha protein CXCL1 Homo sapiens Y 0.659
P09382 Galectin-1 LGALS1 Homo sapiens N 0.707
P09429 High mobility group protein B1 HMGB1 Homo sapiens N 0.06
P09486 SPARC SPARC Homo sapiens Y 0.904
P09493 Tropomyosin alpha-1 chain TPM1 Homo sapiens N 0.599
P09496 Clathrin light chain A CLTA Homo sapiens N 0.927
P09497 Clathrin light chain B CLTB Homo sapiens N 0.957
P09603 Macrophage colony-stimulating factor 1 CSF1 Homo sapiens Y 0.391
P09874 Poly [ADP-ribose] polymerase 1 PARP1 Homo sapiens N 0.197
P09919 Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor CSF3 Homo sapiens Y 0.86
P09960 Leukotriene A-4 hydrolase LTA4H Homo sapiens N 0.564
P0C0L4 Complement C4-A C4A Homo sapiens N 0.398
P10145 Interleukin-8 CXCL8 Homo sapiens Y 0.584
P10155 60 kDa SS-A/Ro ribonucleoprotein TROVE2 Homo sapiens N 0.506
P10301 Ras-related protein R-Ras RRAS Homo sapiens N 0.923
P10451 Osteopontin SPP1 Homo sapiens N 0.723
P10586 Receptor-type tyrosine-protein phosphatase F PTPRF Homo sapiens N 0.268
P10600 Transforming growth factor beta-3 TGFB3 Homo sapiens Y 0.912

(a) A discrimination score was obtained using the SignalP. Y, discrimination score greater than 0.45; N, discrimination score lesser than 0.45. Secretory proteins are indicated by Y.
(b) Neural network score (NN-score) was obtained using the SecretomeP. Non-classically secreted proteins are predicted based on a NN-score greater than 0.5.